The Two Boys Playing Video Games

May 26, 2013 // By:Vincent John Parada // 1 comment


Boy 1: Can we play?
Boy 2: Sure, why not!
Boy 1: What game?
Boy 2: The Super Extreme Boys.
Boy 1: Okay.

Then the two boys fought. When they were busy fighting, the two boys saw a light. Jesus came to the two boys.

Jesus: Please! Stop fighting.

Boy 1: Sorry.
Boy 2: Sorry, too.
Boy 1: Friends? (Boy 1 told Boy 2)
Boys 2: Friends!

After many years, the two boys became very old and then they gave their video games to their grandsons. They also told their grandsons that it is not good to fight.

The End.


Vincent John Parada is a 12 year old boy who loves to draw using pen and crayon. He has interest in learning new digital skills. Also know as “VJ”, he is fond of making stories about love for Jesus.



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VJ is a religious young man who loves writing stories about Jesus. He is a fellow of the 2013 Summer Digital Storytelling workshop.

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