The Little Boy

Jun 24, 2013 // By:Glorypearl Dy // 2 comments


he is 8 but he barely answers
yes or no
he is 8 but he can’t seem to read “hello”

finally. One yesterday.

he said
for the first time
I hear him say

he is 9 and he barely answers
yes or no
but he can read a little “hello”

when I gave him the toy
he shouted gameboy

but he whispered in my ear
so clear as if a cheer

“Thank you Aunty”
Thank you for the G-A-M-E-B-O-I
he spells.

he is 10 and his heart is pure like 7
his love reads heaven

This is a Best Video Blog Post winner during the Mindanao Blog Awards 2013.


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