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METRO MANILA – Foundation for Media Alternatives hosted RightsCon, a forum on the Philippines’ Internet rights, social justice advocacy and other digital rights last March 24 – 25 at the Crown Regency Hotel. The forum also tackled security concerns regarding the country and those who use the Internet.

Arch. Gloryrose Dy attended Rights Con last March 24 - 25, 2015.
Arch. Gloryrose Dy attended Rights Con last March 24 – 25, 2015.


The first session was all about the Internet regulations in the Philippines. The FMA provided an overview of the country’s Internet Rights situation, which not all are aware of. A lively discussion among the panellists and delegates followed.

Another topic discussed was the security practices of social justice advocates, especially for those who are in the frontlines. This workshop taught the delegates how Internet rights work and how it can help them network all over the world at the same time still be organised.

How private are your settings?
How private are your settings?

The last topic for the first day of RightsCon was all about the digital rights for activists who are in the front lines of bringing social justice to those who are in need of such. In this session, the FMA taught their methods in digital rights and surveillance to community organizers and advocates. They discussed how different groups connected with various digital rights advocates and campaigns.

On the second and last day of RightsCon, the discussion was all about women and their rights in the digital world. A lot of females working in telcos, private corporations, academics and legal experts are harassed through mobile phones, computers and the Internet. This case was presented in an attempt to know the mechanisms for those greatly affected by the issue.

Lastly, human security and state security was discussed. As the Internet is now one of the primary modes of communication, the State has been wanting to regulate the internet use of the citizens in the name of “national security”.

Arch. Rose Dy with fellow Rights Con attendees. Photo from AR Ayris Quelly
Arch. Rose Dy with fellow Rights Con attendees. Photo from AR Ayris Quelly

It was a well-attended affair with government officials, the private sector and civil society. Among the attendants is Switotwins’ very own Arch. Gloryrose Dy , an advocate of responsible Internet usage and women’s rights.


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