Past and Present Works

The following are past and present works we have done in digital storytelling, audio visual presentation and book development.


DST Workshop Participants Objectives
After Disaster and Other Stories Survivors of Typhoon Pablo in Andap, New Bataan as a research method to analyze how survivors of disasters understand their experience by completing a digital story of their own narrative
Digital Storyteling for Disaster Risk Reduction Save the Children Project brave community in Agusan
Teacher’s Training Digital Storytelling Workshop Students of Stratford International, General Santos City ages 17 to 26 yrs old To introduce digital storytelling to would be educators
IstoryangInamega: A Digital Storytelling Workshop for Survivors of Violence Against Women (in partnership with Foundation for Media Alternatives) Women survivors of violence from Barangay Mintal, Davao City ages 30 to 50yrs old To guide women in processing their experiences, express their inner struggles and embrace the road to empowerment through storytelling
Omegon Heart Digital Storytelling Workshop (in partnership with Omegan Heart Foundation) Scholars of Napalico Elementary School, Arakan, North Cotabato aged 7 to 18 yrs old To teaching children all over the region to make humble animated videos so they can use technology in a meaningful way while sharing the beauty of their imagination to the world.
Campayapaan : Digital Storytelling and Peacebuilding B’laan students from Bacongco National High School ages 9 to 18yrs old To help create peacebuilding at the school level using digital storytelling
Digital Storytelling with Traditional Birth Attendants of Indigenous Peoples in Brgy. Binickalan, Agusan del Sur Indigenous Peoples in Brgy. Binickalan, Agusan del Sur ages 30 to 80 years old The Indigenous Peoples Maternal, Neonatal, and Child Health and Nutrition Project commissioned Switotwins Inc to support them in achieving their goals of improving the well-being of indigenous people communities in Mindanao.
Digital Storytelling with Teachers and Students of Cagayan de Oro Special Education Center Teachers of Special Education, Hearing impaired, visually impaired, down-syndrome, intellectual disable transition class and children with autism classes ages 25 to 50 years old The workshop promoted digital access for special children through creative processes and storytelling. It is the first digital storytelling workshop of its kind in the Philippines.
Digital Storytelling with Local Government Units of Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay Department heads and members of local government offices in Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay ages 25 to 50 years old The goal was to collect personal stories from fisher folk communities in Buluan Island, gain insight into how fisher folk communities help in achieving the success of the preservation and conservation of the sanctuary; and provide an assessment tool to help determine if fisher folk communities are able to sustainably help in the IPIL Pride Campaign.


AVPs completed Commissioned by Details
Global Impact Anti Human Trafficking Global Impact short avp about the positive effects of freeing differently abled children from human trafficking
Nature’s Gift video Nature’s Gift video about Badjau’s dreams of wanting to have a basketball court in their village
Save the Children Project brave Save the Children video created together with children of Agusan del sur and their input on what disaster preparedness should
After Disaster Strikes and other Stories Ayesha Siddiqi of Royal Holloway short documentary for the research on the intersection between disaster and conflict
Panon Advocacy Film for Tambayan Children’s Rights Short film about a girl gangs encounter that led to a deadly conflict


Book Title Commissioned by Details
First Flight School NCCC Witholdings A book about the lives of the seven geeze that represents the values and principles behind NCCC Mall. This is distributed in NCCC department school.
Ulod-Ulod Save the Children General Santos This is a book written using the Hiligaynon language. It is intended for context-based materials for early childhood care in the Hiligaynon areas of SOCSARGEN
Magtagu-anay ta! Save the Children General Santos This is a book written using the Hiligaynon language. It is intended for context-based materials for early childhood care in the Hiligaynon areas of SOCSARGEN