Adventures of Bulkak episode 1

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“Our heart is a depository, library and treasury of the voluminous experiences we had with our family and friends. Sad, happy and memorable events are kept in this vault. So that when the heart ceases to beat, we could pass this on to our loved ones, who may cherish or discard it.” –GMAlcoran-Dy

The Kokaks live in a pond of water lilies, white water lilies, yellow water lilies, and red water lilies. A fountain is at the middle of the pond. Ferns and flowers surround the pond. There are big trees nearby. This is home for many Kokaks.

“Bullkak, is safe and in good health!” The Chieftain of the Kokaks told the Kokaks who were gathered around the pond. The Kokaks were very happy to hear the good news. They jumped with joy. “He will be with us soon. Let us thank the great One above.” The Kokaks prayed and then had a party. They ate flies, mosquitoes, bugs and other insects. They had a wonderful time. They jumped, swam and croaked all night until the sun rose up. It was time for them to sleep. So they jumped to their water lily beds and bushes to sleep.

Adventures of Bulkak

Once upon a week ago, Bullkak was playing with friends outside their home. Suddenly a long hissing creature, the snake, attacked them. They jumped to escape from it but the snake almost caught Bullkak. Bullkak croaked for help but nobody was there to help him. Then a giant moving thing, a truck came. “Opps… I could hide in here,” croaked Bullkak. He jumped into the truck and stayed there.

The truck jerked and stopped. Bullkak jumped out to see if the snake was still around. “Where am I?” Bullkak thought. “This is not my home and it is very noisy here,” he whispered to himself. He was scared. He didn’t know what to do, “I am lost! I have to go home.” He wanted to go back to the truck but it was no longer there. It moved so fast. He didn’t notice it was gone. “I have to find other Kokaks here,” Bullkak thought.

Bullkak was scared, frightened and confused. He jumped and croaked about, hoping that another Kokak might hear him. But, nobody croaked back. The sun was up. It was a warm morning and at this time of the day the Kokaks are asleep. “Oh, this is just a nightmare! When I wake up tonight, I will know that this is just a dream!” So Bullkak, buried himself under the bushes near the rice paddies to sleep.

“Hey you, get out of here! Go find another place!” A tiny shrieking croak awakened Bullkak. “Who are you? You are new here! Where did you come from? This is not a safe place for you.” The tiny Kokak pushed and kicked Bullkak but he didn’t move. “Look, I am not being rude but go find a place where you can hide your big head and big eyeballs.”

“Thanks for that! Where am I,” Bullkak croak back. “I jumped away from a snake that was chasing me,” He told the tiny Kokak his scary experience and how he was able to escape and reach this place. “I have to go back home but don’t know how.” The tiny kokak just listened. “I think I am lost,” Bullkak began to cry.

“Oh dear, hush… Everything will be okay. By the way, I am a Rice kokak. They call me MiniKak. There are many Kokaks here. This is our home.” Minikak and Bullkak became friends at once. “Hmm, I hope I could help,” Minikak tried to make her new friend Bullkak feel better. “But… we need to sleep. Tonight we will go to the Old Turtle at the next village. He can help you find your way back home.” Minikak lead Bullkak to a marshy area where Bullkak could bury himself safely to sleep.

to be continued…

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  • Nice 🙂 my i know what app you created that presentation??

    • We used video scribe for this. Thanks for dropping by and for sharing the word about our stories and advocacy.

  • nice story. can’t wait for the continuation!

    • Thank you. The continuation is on the works. Will be published this week. 🙂

  • cute story naalala ko tuloy ang batibot. natuwa ako kaya lang bitin. hehehe.

    • Nanonood din kami ng Batibot noon. Mother din namin siguru idol din yon. Sana meron na namang batibot noh? Para sa mga bata ngayun. Kahit online lang.
      On the works na ang continuation. Dito makikita. Salamat sa pagvisit. 🙂

  • I really like the presentation. How I wish I can write a story like this? Great post!

    • Thank you! Oh we visited your blog and read your post. Seems to us it’s not impossible for you to write something like this. 🙂