Swito Digital Storytelling is a creative collaborative space that aims to provide a venue for ordinary people to express their creativity as artists and aspiring artists. We do this by partnering with companies and organization that seek to be trailblazers in implementing our digital storytelling workshops with the goal of spreading their social impact and advocacy to their adopted community and the world.

Swito has expanded to become a group of passionate individuals, creating a growing art community of “switos’ coming from both art professionals and ordinary people.

Since 2012, we have collected and processed more than 120 stories from story submissions and digital storytelling workshops. The stories we received online are developed into animated videos in collaboration with other artists in the visual and sound field. On the other hand, workshops form as a place for men, women and children to develop their own stories and learn how to digitally process them into animated videos.

We do this to create a community where people cherish shared humanity, build a strong connection of people and teach the value of listening to the stories of each person because those stories are their lives and their lives matter.

For the near future, we see Switotwins Digital Storytelling Philippines as an enduring initiative for our social good so that we could use stories to preserve and promote the fabric of every Filipino culture using digital tools.